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The hardest part of kicking off a new health routine in January is getting started. To help ease into your new health routine we're taking 50% off your first month1 of SHINE's mental wellness supplements. Your discount will be applied automatically at checkout if you take the quiz ortherwise use code SHINE50 at checkout .



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$28.44 CAD

SHINE Unstress®$28.44 CAD

  • An exclusive blend of high quality Ashwagandha and L-Theanine. SHINE Unstress® quickly and naturally lowers your daily stress levels. Its ingredients activate our calming neurotransmitter, which also plays a major role in anxiety and sleep-related conditions.
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$29.96 CAD

SHINE Energy®$29.96 CAD

  • Containing American Ginseng and L-Theanine, SHINE Energy® specifically targets, and reduces your nagging fatigue as well as boosts your daily energy so you can give your best.
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$25.76 CAD

SHINE Focus®$25.76 CAD

  • Combining Rhodiola and L-Theanine SHINE Focus® quickly and naturally helps reduce mental fatigue, resist distractions and improves your ability to focus and concentrate on the tasks and activities that matter the most to you.
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$27.10 CAD

SHINE Memory®$27.10 CAD

  • SHINE Memory® is an exclusive blend of high quality Bacopa and L-Theanine. It quickly and naturally helps you improve your brain's ability to remember things so that you can depend on your memory in your daily living and when you need it the most.
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1 First month 50% off is for new subscribers only. Available for all SHINE Mental Wellness Supplements.